Keep track of your adventures

  • While riding, visualize and collect data such as trail outlines, distance traveled, riding time, stopping time, average speed, altitude or time before sunset
  • Keep souvenirs of great moments and special points of interest with photos, markers and comments
  • Keep track of your expenses for each ride
  • Rate and save your rides so you can find these later and share great memories
  • Consult your season’s stats for all of your rides

Enjoy riding with your friends

  • While riding, use the TrailTracker app as a GPS to see both your personal map and your group’s map
  • Watch in real-time the position of the members in your group
  • See special points of interest your friends have added to the map while you ride near them

Build your own map with
your group or club

  • Save your favorite trails and special geographic points you have marked on your map
  • Create a riding group so you can share trails and interesting locations with your friends
  • You can build your personal map and also build a group map along with your friends